CCPS’s Open House provides an opportunity for open dialogue

As hundreds of parents, students and friends entered the Craig County Public Schools for the Annual Open House, teachers and staff welcomed them all.

Pam Dudding Contributing writer

Many young students led their parents into the Craig County Public Schools recently with smiles, laughter and excitement to find their rooms and classmates, many of whom they haven’t seen all summer.

The teens preferred to walk ahead of their parents seeking out their classmates. When they were found, glee filled the halls.

On Tuesday, August 6, Craig County Public Schools hosted their Annual Open House for students and family members from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The atmosphere created smiles amongst so many of the parents and adults as well as the students and teachers.

Classrooms were open for all to visit and teachers were there to welcome their new students for the upcoming school year and answer any questions asked of them.

Tables were set up at all the schools with information about classes, Botetourt Technical School, football, cheerleading, soccer, booster club, health department, the new lunch menu with prices and much more.

Teachers welcomed their students with smiles and were ready to give their “parent and student speech.” Parents listened eagerly and with much appreciation.

Susan Wilcher, one of the first-grade teachers, had lots of parent visitors.

She first introduced herself to her student and invited them to find their chair. She already had their name at a chair and an information packet for each parent to complete.

Wilcher, like all the teachers, would then proceed to inform them of class schedules, bus pickup and drop off procedures and class requirements for students and parents, just to name a few.

Wilcher also reminded the parents, “I will let you know immediately of any concerns I may have with your child. I will not wait until later to inform you.” Parents nodded in grateful agreement. She added, “They are our future and I believe that.”

The elementary kids ran in with excitement to find their new place where they would be sitting.

High school students enjoyed seeing their friends as squeals, high fives and laughter filled the hallways. Teachers were ready to help them with their new classes and studies.

The older teens walked in slowly, started talking about the new school year and also shared stories about their summer. High school students discovered their class schedules in hopes to be able to take their preferred selections.

At the end of the day, many were pleased with the organization for the parents and students.

“We are ready for a new year,” was said by numerous students and teachers. Several elementary students added: “We can not wait until Thursday.”