Planning for the 250th anniversary of the United States

Daughters of the American Revolution members.

Craig Valley DAR Chapter is pleased to announce that planning for the 250th anniversary of the United States in July 2026 has begun. The United States Semiquincentennial Commission, established in July 2016, is beginning nationwide plans to observe the historic occasion. Over the next nine years, this body will play a central role in the celebrations and commemorations surrounding the anniversary. Eight members of Congress, 16 private citizens and nine federal officials comprise the committee roster.

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution will play a significant role in the planning process due to the recent appointment of Lynn Forney Young, DAR Honorary President General, to this prestigious commission.

The Daughters of the American Revolution, a longtime champion of historic preservation, education and patriotism, is honored to be represented on this committee with a mission so closely aligned with its own. The more than 950,000 women who have joined the nonprofit organization since its founding in 1890 have worked to preserve historic places, documents and artifacts; to foster an understanding of our nation’s past in schoolchildren, new citizens and everyday Americans; and to support the service members and veterans who sacrifice to safeguard our freedoms.

Margaret Hines demonstrating the symbolic flag-folding ceremony.

The 250th anniversary of the United States presents the perfect opportunity for interested women to honor their family members’ Revolutionary War service by joining the Daughters of the American Revolution. Documenting and reflecting upon an ancestor’s role in the fight for American independence will impart a deeper, more personal level of significance to the upcoming celebration. If you are interested in learning more about your family history but are not an expert in genealogical research, don’t worry! Local DAR members have multiple resources to help prospective members research their family history.

To learn more about DAR membership and upcoming events visit and Membership inquiries and other questions may be directed to Margaret Hines 864-8447, registrar of Craig Valley Chapter.

-Submitted by Craig Valley DAR