Preschool students have a joyful time with Easter Party

Youth pastor Alex James gathers children to tell them the story of Easter with a dozen eggs which had numbers on them. Different children held the eggs and as he called the number, they brought them forward.

Pam Dudding Burch
Contributing writer

With baskets in hand, several children entered their classroom with much excitement because they knew they had an Easter party on the horizon. Their excitement was so contagious that the teachers and parents blossomed with smiles and laughter as well.

Diane Givens, Director of the New Castle Christian Church Preschool, putting on her bunny ears and leading the children in singing songs about Jesus. They all sang with joy and raised their hands as she did to the motions of the words.

On Wednesday, March 28, the New Castle Christian Church Preschool hosted their Annual Easter Party for their students and giggles flooded the classroom from start to end.

Diane Givens put on her bunny ears and led them in singing songs about Jesus and quoting scriptures they had memorized so far in the year, which related to Easter. They all sang with joy and raised their hands as she did to the motions of the words. Givens is the Director of the school.

Kids from Craig County joined together at the New Castle Christian Church for a community egg hunt where hundreds of eggs were dispersed on the ground. Each child got lots of candy inside the eggs they found. “This is like Christmas,” one child exclaimed.

Each parent was asked to bring 12 plastic eggs filled with candies and surprises, along with refreshments and a basket for their child to hunt eggs. The teacher, Christina Bradley, along with the other helpers, led the kids in fun games. Most parents were able to attend.

The eggs were hidden in the fellowship hall of the church, and each child got to hunt 12 eggs to take home. Some were bashful, but most ran with excitement for the ones they saw. After everyone collected their dozen, they sat on a bench and had time to open them one by one. Glee filled their eyes and some even snuck a few bites in their mouths, hoping their parents wouldn’t see.

“They enjoyed a nice time of refreshments and were little ‘angels,’” one local shared.

“The egg hunt is usually held outdoors but due to the weather, it was moved inside this year,” Givens explained. “However, that didn’t dampen the children’s enthusiasm. All of them seemed to leave very happy which made the parents joyful as well.”

Each child got to hunt eggs, and they found all of them, which they opened with tremendous excitement.