Library Corner – A Library is more than books- Part Two


By Marge Lewter,
president, CCPL Board of Trustees

In a previous Library Corner, we explored how libraries strive to foster lifelong learning and creativity as Art Incubators. How has our tiny Craig Library engaged in the arts? When you walk in the library, you will see a large picture of a tree covering one wall. That tree is Craig County’s own Keffer Oak, which was recognized in the book, Remarkable trees of Virginia by Nancy Hugo, Jeff Kirwin and Robert Llewellyn.

The fabulous Keffer Oak tree was selected by local artist Judith Love Schwab for an art project in 2011 where she partnered with the library to develop a collection of stories, photos and copper leaves patterned from trees cherished by the people of Craig County Virginia. The project was entitled, “Remembering our Trees.”

The immense size of this tree is evidenced by the small human figure standing by the trunk, which you may not have noticed! The best part of this project resides in the accompanying book which contains those heartfelt stories from local families. The artist created a copper leaf to match an actual leaf taken from a favorite tree that accompanies the story and meaning behind the cherished tree.

Come by the library and read about these trees that mark memories, loved ones, and local history. On your way to the library, look out for new barn quilts along the way.

Barn Quilts for Books are popping up all over the county to add color and beauty to celebrate the history of our farms. Local artist Martha Dillard continues to add new works to the Barn Quilt Trail, which is getting the attention of travelers from all over. One cannot help but notice these beautiful additions to our landscape. An added benefit is that many of our historic barns are being restored, just for the purpose of displaying a barn quilt! Each quilt has a story that adds to its character. Some of them include family history, farm names, commemoration of special events and symbolic statements.

In 2017, the Craig Library had its first annual photography contest, themed Spring in Craig County. The winner was our own Gwen Johnson. We hope to expand our 2018 Photography contest to encourage all budding photographers!

The Friends of the Library programs continue to celebrate authors who are excited about sharing their passion with others and encouraging others to write. We have featured nature writers, historical writers and short story writers, to name a few. Supporting the art of writing is just as important a mission as the provision of books for reading!

An idea that has been in the works is a Chalk Art Day. “Chalk art is an excellent way to reach and engage diverse audiences with the power of creative expression, transforming our surroundings and showcasing the art-making process itself. Like all forms of public art, chalk art enhances the quality of life in our community in a distinctive way,” said Art Saint Louis. Are you interested in putting on a chalk art day? Contact the Friends of the Library to help!

In the future, the Craig Library is planning inviting space for musicians, expansion of programs for artists and writers workshops. Fostering creativity is a benefit that applies to all ages and all interest groups! From creative minds come ideas for improving our world and the quality of our lives in it. The mission of libraries is multifaceted and we include celebrating the arts in our future. If you love creativity and want to share your ideas, please join us in this mission!

Library news:

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Inquire at the library for your Eclipse glasses for the solar eclipse in August 21!

Flash drives of 8GB are available at the library at a nominal cost to patrons.

Next Board of trustees meeting: September 11, 2017, 6 p.m. at the library

Wanted: a desk volunteer for Wednesdays. Inquire at the library to take advantage of this opportunity to give back to your community. Benefits: social opportunity, helping children, learning new computer skills, air conditioning and plenty of free reading!

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