Library Corner – April 12, 2017


Empowering individuals to build a stronger community

It’s National Library Week!

Libraries Transform

Because the expert in the library is you.

Because librarians know information is the best medicine for healthcare questions.

Because the best search engine in the library is the librarian.

Because fake news can have real world consequences.

Because access equals opportunity.

Because librarians get an A+ for making sure kids excel in reading.

Because hands on learning builds stronger brains.

Because WiFi isn’t really free if you have to buy a cup of coffee first.

Because a library card is the most important school supply.

Because students who read during the summer end up on the honor roll in the fall.

Because learning starts before kindergarten.

Because txs R fine but srsly, ppl also need 2 c real sentences.

Because 5 out of 5 doctors agree that reading aloud to children supports brain development.

Because adding Minecraft to curriculum may inspire more future engineers than mathematics alone.

Because learning to read comes before reading to learn.

Because punctuation without imagination makes a sentence, not a story.

Because a little know-how can make a smart phone smarter.

Because you might take an interest in gardening at 3 a.m.

Because students can’t afford scholarly journals on ramen noodle budget.

Because more than a quarter of US households don’t have a computer with an internet connection.

Because not everything on the internet is true.

Because employers want candidates who know the difference between a websearch and research.

Libraries transform though education, employment, empowerment, and entertainment

Libraries transform” materials from American Library Association

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