Library Corner – April 19, 2017


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Friends of the Library

Did you ever wonder why someone would “friend the library”? It is a token of support, large or small that keeps you in the loop and says “Thank-You” to your library staff. The annual Friend drive is happening now and your five dollar gift gets you friendship for a whole year. Being a library patron gets you free access to the library collection, and being a Friend means you want to do more to help.

Library Friends are all around you in our community. They make our programs successful and they come forward when we need volunteers for events. They strongly believe that support of your community library is an investment for a bright future. We believe the library is a great thing in a small package!

Friends of the Library receive our newsletter and come out to support our community events. Friends volunteer to help with book sales during Craig’s street festivals (May 6) and bake for the Memorial Day Bake Sale (May 29). Friends come to the annual meeting to choose new Trustees and hear a great program. They help fix things that break. They take up a paintbrush when things need a fresh coat of paint.

Spreading the good word about “Barn Quilts for Books” and buying used books really helps your library. When folks buy through Smile.Amazon.Com and list Craig County Public Library as the beneficiary, they donate a little money to our good cause. The same is true when Friends use their Kroger rewards (see below).

Library Friends know that in our world, donated funds are absolutely necessary for us to provide library services. They look for ways to transform things into money for the library, which in turn, transforms that money into services the community wants.

Library Friends can serve on our Board of Trustees to oversee the day to day operation of the library or they can just pay their five dollars a year and read the monthly newsletter to get updates.

There is no age limit for a Library Friend and we hope to expand our numbers every year. Help us grow our Friends list this year by joining, supporting, and giving a membership to someone you care about. You can stop in to join, or send an email to craiglibrary and our librarian will email the form to you.

One easy way to help us: Kroger donates a percentage of your purchases to registered charities.

Go to rewards

Go to Register

Select the zip code of your favorite Kroger store and select it from the list

Enter your name and create a password

Create an account

Enter your Kroger rewards card number if you have one

Select Enroll now

When prompted, type Craig in the box and select Craig Library Friends of the Library!

Thank you for helping the Friends of the Library!