Library Corner – Barn Quilts for Books


Gwen Johnson

Barn quilt squares are popping up on buildings all over Craig County like buttercups in spring adding a splash of color and class wherever they are spotted. To date local artist Martha Dillard has painted and/or designed over 90 of the colorful weather-proof squares that are being seen not only locally but far and wide outside of the county.

Barn Quilts of Craig County, Virginia a brochure recently published by the library shows 34 that are already installed here in the county on homes, businesses, barns and even fences. They are so versatile and delightful that some customers have even had them designed and painted for inside use.

Now thanks to an anonymous benefactor a Barn Quilt Square will soon be placed on the Commons, the old school house used for senior housing that can be seen from the road by those coming into or leaving town via Rt. 311. When Lee Greiser, past president of the Library Board recently approached residents to see if they would be interested in having one placed on the building they were quite enthusiastic.

Martha Dillard worked on choosing some designs in colors that would blend in well with the brick and presented them at an informal gathering one evening for residents to choose from and project “Summer Star Flower” was born. It will soon be added to Craig County’s winding and growing Barn Quilt Trail thanks to supervisors who approved the project at a recent Board meeting.

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Thanks to Gary and Judy Green for judging the Photography Contest, to Rollin and Janis Reeder for building the ramp into the new book barn, to Diana Cristopulos for a great program at our annual Friends meeting, and to all who baked and purchased for the bake sale!

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