Library Corner 2.8.17


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Career Paths

Job hunting is a journey that will direct the path of the rest of your life. Sometimes jobs are found by word of mouth. Usually, there is still a formality of an application and a resume to make it official.  Where to get an application? On-line! Where to start with a resume? With a good computer template! Where can you get help with these things? Yep. At your public library. In some areas, librarians spend 8-10 hours a week helping patrons with these tasks.

Libraries are the best places to go for someone who is looking for a job. The combination of free computer access and the wealth of print resources make it all the more important for the libraries to continue to offer this service. Those of us who are technologically challenged will find help and resources for enhancing our current career or finding a new path!

When applying online, come prepared with your work history and list of references written down, and allow two hours to complete each job application. Craig Library has a list of websites that patrons have used successfully to find a job.

You will also need to write a resume, which is a document used by job seekers to help provide a summary of their skillsabilities and accomplishments. It is a short and quick way for a job seeker to introduce him or herself to a potential employer. Resumes are normally submitted to hiring managers along with a cover letter. Craig Library has templates available on the public computers for creating a resume.  Ask a staff member to help you locate them.

The staff at Craig County Public Library has been helping patrons with computer skills individually for many years. With ten computer stations, we are keeping up with technology even though we are cramped for space. We currently do not have enough room for computer classes for the public, but our library director, Carla Ritzler, can assist you to get the help you need. The expansion into a larger community space will allow us to provide classes and programs like those in other libraries, which will help our patrons with job seeking and skills.

The library is always seeking skilled dependable volunteers to work the desk.  You will be trained in basic computer skills related to checking out materials on our system. Just think how good that would look on your resume for a job someday! It is a great way to improve your computer skills, make new friends and give back to your community. Inquire at the library!

Come to the library and ”Get connected!”

Marge Lewter