Labiosa runs for re-election with a vision for rejuvenation


Pam Dudding-Burch
Contributing writer

Jordan Labiosa is running for Town Council re-election.

When one says the words, desire and drive, many in Craig County think of Jordan Labiosa. “He is young, has lots of good ideas but he’s also a doer, and that means a lot in getting something done,” shared a Craig citizen.

Labiosa, who graduated from Craig County High in 2012, shared that as a resident of Craig County he “takes pride in the seat of our county.”

“From the ax marks on the stair rail of the Courthouse to the century-old buildings which still stand on Main St, our small town is bursting at the brim with rich and exciting history,” Labiosa said.

However, he added that for the majority of his life, the history of New Castle seemed brighter than its future. “New Castle was once home to multiple active hotels, a railroad which supported iron ore and pulpwood industries, as well as a thriving self-reliant local economy,” he said. “Success today will require pointing towards evidence of that past utilizing the tourism infrastructure that we have built over the past few years.”

He also shared that he has decided to run for re-election for the New Castle Town Council.

Labiosa feels that much has been accomplished since being first elected in 2014 and that New Castle has become a friendlier place for business. “Council has worked to improve tourism by working with the Craig County Business Association to enable events such as the Preppers Festival, various Cruise-Ins, as well as events like the Constitution Day Celebration which helps elude to our vibrant history,” he said. “Most recently, Council worked with the Craig County Tourism Commission to place and unveil the Craig County Love sign in the Town Park. “

He added that Council continues to invest in the Tourism Commission map project which reaches travelers at rest stops across the Commonwealth.

“We’ve also invested in beautification and infrastructure improvements by paving the parking lot at the New Castle Town Park, maintaining sidewalks in the community, paying for and monitoring streetlights around the community, working with VDOT to improve drainage issues, maintaining the town parking lot and by building a protective fence line at the Town Park,” Labiosa informed. “Crosswalks, handicap parking and uniform parking spaces have also been added to Main Street.”

Labiosa believes that though great strides have been made, much must still be done in New Castle over the next few years. “Businesses in New Castle remain unfairly taxed with little return; the Merchants Capital tax should be eliminated, the mandatory Town Vehicle Decal is archaic and will be impossible to enforce as the county eliminates its decal. We should immediately do the same,” he said. “Resources should continue to be invested where they have the most positive impact on our community.”

With enthusiasm and zeal, Labiosa seems to have many ideas circling in his head as people talk with him. “In the coming months, I will be announcing a large project relating to the historic restoration of Main Street,” he shared with excitement. “Public support will be needed for this project, so please stay tuned.”

His copied motto from Samuel Adams at the end of each of his emails easily shares his passion. “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” He asks that others join in the team of ‘fire starters’ to continue to make Craig County a great place to live.

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